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Starting this June: Exciting New Project on Patreon

After the great success via Patreon, which made it possible to create the Kinky Karrot graphic novel, get now ready for the unveiling of an exhilarating new project that promises to blend entertainment, education, and engaging community interactions like never before. 

Lizzie, the protagonist of the Kinky Karrot graphic novel, smiling and holding an armful of bdsm gear. Featured in the upcoming 'Kinky Karrot' puzzle book focused on sexual education for adults. Explore themes of sexuality with humor and creativity

"The Kinky Karrot Playful Puzzle Book"

  • Project Description: Welcome to an exciting new chapter in the Kinky Karrot Universe! I’m thrilled to introduce my latest project – a unique puzzle book that explores the world of sexuality with humor and a playful touch. This project innovatively combines sexual education with the charming and accessible format of a puzzle book, reminiscent of the beloved puzzle books of your childhood but with a twist for adults!


  • Why this project? Sexuality is an essential part of our lives, yet many shy away from openly exploring this topic. With "The Kinky Karrot Playful Puzzle Book," I aim to create an environment where learning about sexual health, kinks, fetishes, and relationship dynamics is not only informative but also entertaining and engaging. Humor plays a key role in demystifying and destigmatizing, making the subject more accessible and fostering healthy and open discussions.


  • What can you expect? Each puzzle in this book is carefully crafted to not only expand your knowledge but also to make you laugh and provoke thought. From crossword puzzles to hidden objects and deciphered messages – each element will guide you playfully through the diverse world of human sexuality. You will meet familiar characters from the Kinky Karrot graphic novel who will serve as guides on this journey of discovery.


  • How can you participate? As a paying patron of this project, you have the opportunity to not only follow the development of the puzzle book but also to actively participate in it. Your opinions, ideas, and feedback are warmly welcomed and will be central to this creative process. Additionally, you will receive regular updates, behind-the-scenes insights, and you will get to see the content before its official release.


  • Join this exciting journey! With your support on Patreon, you can help make this unique, fun and sexy puzzle book a reality and also nurture a community that values education, humor, and open conversations about sexuality. Let's break the taboos together and create a world where we all learn more about ourselves – with a smile.

The Tiers

5$ Tier: Basic Supporter

Enjoy exclusive access to one complete puzzle page per week from the Kinky Karrot Puzzle Book. Become part of the community that explores the world of sexuality in a humorous and playful way, and make it possible for me to create this entertaining content with your support.

10$ Tier: Enhanced Supporter

As an Enhanced Supporter, you'll receive double the content provided in the Basic tier. Enjoy access to eight playable puzzle pages each month from the Kinky Karrot Puzzle Book. Dive deeper into the intriguing world of sexual education with more puzzles, more interaction, and more opportunities to explore and learn. This tier is perfect for those who crave more engagement and are eager to support my creative journey more significantly.

20$ Tier: Premium Supporter

Unlock eight engaging puzzle pages each month from the "Kinky Carrot Puzzle Book" and gain exclusive access to work-in-progress content, sketches, and drafts. Participate in the creative process with exclusive polls, direct feedback, and suggestions. Join monthly live sessions with Marie Sann for a behind-the-scenes look, draw-along opportunities, and first access to purchase original artworks before their public release.

100$ Tier: Champion Supporter

Embrace the role of a Champion Supporter with our gratitude as your primary reward! Enjoy all the benefits of our VIP tier, including exclusive monthly live sessions, early access to content.

This tier is for those who want to go above and beyond in backing my creative journey without the expectation of additional rewards. Your exceptional support helps us to bring more ambitious projects to life and keep our community thriving. Thank you for believing in the power of creativity and education!

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