• Julia Burghardt

Empowering Positions: The 10 best sex positions to help women orgasm

An orgasm is liberating, enlightening and the icing on the cake of sex. This is exactly why we are eagerly chasing the elation. With success? Not really, because according to a study by the YouGov polling institute, only just under 21 percent of women reach orgasm regularly. But we can change that! The following positions in this article bring us closer to our goal.

Don't run after them, let them happen.

According to the same study, which found that women tend to have a low satisfaction rate, 69 percent of men, in contrast, come regularly. Why is that? To achieve orgasm as a woman, several buttons have to be pressed at once. Thanks to the miracle of the female body, we can be stimulated either vaginally (inwardly) and also clitorally (outwardly). Most of us even come exclusively through the stimulation of the external genitals. However, these are rarely included in classical sex and often eke out a rather unnoticed existence after foreplay. To evoke orgasm, the clitoris is therefore the first place to go. A particularly important fact, of which too few women are aware even today and which must be much more present in the collective memory: sex does not end with the satisfaction of the man! For many women, different factors play a role in the success rate of orgasm - it can sometimes take a little longer until we reach the climax. In most cases, however, the sex is already over by then. That's why men should not neglect their partner after they have satisfied them or let the woman come first and women should demand their right to orgasm more strongly.

The sex position is not everything - Why many women do not reach orgasm

Before we tell you how to get to the climax better with the right position, we will show you what you can additionally do for a satisfying orgasm. If you have had a hard time getting to climax, there can be many reasons: For example, the duration is very important. Take more time when masturbating or having sex. Desire needs devotion and patience. When we feel stressed, there is usually nothing going on. Even a full bladder can intensify the orgasm. What sounds strange at first, is not at all. Because a full bladder increases the pressure inside and lets you feel the friction more strongly. But be careful: If it is too full, it can quickly become painful. Also, never forget to go to the toilet after sex to reduce the risk of cystitis. For all those who have difficulty reaching orgasm, there is a reassuring message: You can train the way to climax - provided there is no underlying disease. To do this, you should masturbate alone more often or pay close attention during sex to what you like and what you don't like. What many people do not consider: Even certain medications can reduce the ability to have an orgasm. If you feel a change in your desire, you should think about this aspect and if necessary talk to your doctor about another alternative. Antidepressants or the pill can have an effect on your ability to orgasm, for example. The important thing to remember is that you should never stop taking important medication on your own. Always talk to an expert about this beforehand. You may feel more pleasure afterwards.

Get yourself in Position

Now it becomes practical, because there are definitely positions that can give you a more intense, longer or simply an orgasm at all. They either stimulate your clitoris more strongly, leaving you with more speed and intensity, or affect your G-spot - which is located just under 4 to 5 centimetres inside your vagina near the urethra. All positions are of course not only suitable for heterosexual relationships, but can also be wonderfully implemented by lesbian couples using a strap-on. Apart from that no pose needs extra toys. But if you and your partner feel especially comfortable in one of them, sex toys can be used additionally at any time.


the bandolier sex position drawn by Kinky Karrot

This position works almost like the missionary position. Here, however, the man is not between your legs. Rather, you squeeze them together and bend them. So your knees are almost on your breasts and he is leaning on them. This way he can penetrate much deeper into you and reach the G-spot much better.


the butterfly sex position drawn by Kinky Karrot

The butterfly is very similar to the cartridge belt. Here you lie on your back and spread your legs. The man holds them firmly and lifts them slightly. In this position you can relax completely and let him push you to the peak. He can read every movement in your face and react to it.


the missionary sex position drawn by Kinky Karrot

Sounds almost too boring to lead to the climax? Far from it. You lie on your back, your partner on top of you and you wrap your legs around his hips. More physical contact is hardly possible. Women reach the climax even better when the man caresses the breasts and traces her body with his hands. Because these touches can also mean pure lust.


the high flight sex position drawn by Kinky Karrot

Basically this position works similar to the missionary position. But here you put a pillow or a folded blanket under your buttocks. Your partner can either lie on you or kneel in front of you. Through the higher position he will penetrate deeper into you and you have the chance to get a vaginal and clitoral orgasm.


the spoon sex position drawn by Kinky Karrot

Like the missionary position, this sex position does not sound particularly spectacular at first. But it doesn't always have to be so to bring you to the climax. In this position the partner lies behind you as a "big spoon". You both have your legs angled - so not only can you let go wonderfully, but the angle is also perfect for stimulating your G-spot.


the nirvana sex position drawn by Kinky Karrot

In Nirvana, you lie on your back and your partner lies on top of you. What sounds like the missionary position has a special twist. Because in this position you press your legs together and your partner penetrates you. This creates more pressure and the clitoris is also involved.


the goddess sex position drawn by Kinky Karrot

In this position, you sit on the lap of your partner, who is also sitting, and decide how intensively you want to get down to business. With your feet you support yourself next to his hips and he can grab your waist. Absolute plus: He can massage your breasts on the side.


the doggy style sex position drawn by Kinky Karrot

Although this position enjoys a rather dubious reputation thanks to various music videos, it is an absolute pleasure bringer for women. You kneel on all fours in front of your partner and he penetrates you from behind. For even more sensation, you can lean on your forearms instead of your hands. If you enjoy vaginal orgasm, this position is perfect because of the deep penetration.


the upside-down rider sex position drawn by Kinky Karrot

Many women especially enjoy the rider position, where they sit on the lying man. Here you can determine intensity and speed yourself and your partner can at best devote himself to your breasts. But it does not always lead to orgasm. The probability of orgasm increases if you simply turn around. This makes it even more exciting and his penis is closer to your G-spot because of the special angle of penetration.


the amazon sex position drawn by Kinky Karrot

This position works similar to the previous one. The only difference is that your partner sits on a chair. Your feet should definitely touch the floor, because this is the best way to determine the speed and intensity. With the Amazon, the deep penetration of your partner stimulates not only your vagina but also the clitoris.

You know other positions that can be especially fun for women? Or have you already tried out some of the positions yourself and could gain experience - then tell us! We are looking forward to your experience reports, tips, questions and suggestions in the comment section on the very bottom of this page!