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What are the best Sex Toys for every Occassion and how to use them?

Sex toys are among the staples most sold during quarantine, and a growing market that keeps getting more and more innovative. But if you think this is a modern invention, think again. The world’s oldest sex toy is an object resembling a dildo found in Germany that is over 28.000 years old! So, using objects to spice up sex is as old as civilization itself.

That being said, it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate the abundance of choices in the market today. There are so many different types, price points and options it can be hard to decide what’s best for YOUR needs.

This is why we are here to help! In this guide, you will find which is the best sex toy whether you have a vulva, a penis, are looking to have fun as a couple or want to explore anal pleasure – by giving you the must-try toys so you can decide for yourself!

Best sex toys for vulvic people

  • Dildos Once a classic, always a classic! Dildos are a 28.000-year-old sex toy for a reason. A static phallic object, it is intended mainly for penetration. Obviously, there are many variants nowadays; from super realistic ones that look and feel like a dick, to ones you can attach to a wall to make things easier during play, and discreet smaller ones you can bring around in your purse. A dildo is a great starter for someone who doesn’t know much about sex toys, too. And to find out which ones suit you the most, nothing like good online research: see what really catches your eye. Best for: Alone play, partnered play, penetration

  • Vibrators A dick… That vibrates. Someone had this great idea and made it a reality – and we thank them for it! Vibrators are best-sellers and they are very versatile, because they can provide a lush penetration experience as well as being used for direct clitoral stimulation. This sex toy comes in many shapes and sizes and again, it all boils down to your own unique needs. But if you are looking for a basic one to start, we recommend a rabbit model, which will provide the vibrating penetration + clitoral stimulation and it’s a hit with many people. Best for: Alone play, partnered play, penetration, clitoral stimulation

  • Wands Magic wands DO exist! Originally intended to be a body massager, wands got more and more popular among clit-owners due to their powerful vibrating powers. Nowadays, you can find not only the original model, which is quite big, but other pocket-sized ones that promise the same potency! Wands have some die-hard fans, and a lot of people swear by this sex toy. It can be a bit pricier than a normal vibrator but can be worth the investment, especially if you’re more interested in clitoral stimulation than penetration. Best for: Alone play, partnered play, clitoral stimulation

  • Clitoral stimulators Clitoral stimulators are the newest babies on the market, and yet they have been revolutionizing the sex toy industry! Part of the latest feminist wave which is putting focus back on the main sexual organ for vulvic people – the clitoris – these toys challenge the premise that penetration is always required for an orgasm. There are many models and many prices – from tiny ones you can take anywhere, to water-proof models, to the most “classic” shapes. If you have tried vibrators and dildos and felt they were a bit “meh”, we strongly advise giving these ones a shot! Best for: Alone play, partnered play, clitoral stimulation

man with flashlight sex toy erotic cartoon by Kinky Karrot

Best sex toys for people with a penis

  • Fleshlights From the outside it may look like a normal flashlight, but closer inspection can reveal much more! Fleshlights are masturbators which can be shaped like vulvas, anuses or mouths and are intended to be penetrated by a penis. Many of them have a very realistic texture and promise a hell of a good time. We say you can’t go wrong with this one. Just make sure you buy a model that is easy to clean – to make your life easier after the fun! Best for: Alone play, penile stimulation

  • Cockrings Cockrings are meant to go at the base of the penis, forming a tight circle that can prolong erection and delay ejaculation. It also makes things more sensitive, and some models have vibrators which can stimulate the partner at the same time. They are definitely an edgier option, and a great idea to try something different and out of the box. Our tip? Start slow. Try to look for a cockring kit to go from bigger rings to tighter ones. And always follow the manufacturer’s instructions while using it! Best for: Partnered play, penile stimulation, clitoral stimulation

  • Prostate massagers For people with penises, the g-spot is located inside the anus, and it’s a very sensitive and nerve-packed area that can bring you to the stars when stimulated. Prostate massagers are especially created to do just that, going straight to the point, which is a great tool for people not-so-familiar with their rectal area. Best for: Alone play, partnered play, prostate stimulation

Best sex toys for couples

  • Strap-ons For lesbian, gay, or straight couples, strap-ons can be an incredibly fun addition to sex. They can allow for penetration and even some power control, and some models come with spicy features like vibration. And of course, if you are interested in pegging, you should check out our article to learn all the steps to start bending over your partner! Best for: Partnered play, penetration, pegging

  • Remote-controlled toys The wonders of technology… In the era of all things digital, of course sex would not be an exception. Remote-controlled toys are relatively new in the market, but they are taking it by storm. Bullets, plugs, vibrating underwear… Anything and everything that can be controlled by another person via smartphone – even on the other side of the world. Albeit still a bit on the expensive side, the possibilities are endless to spice up your sex life – whether you wear something to work or you control your boo’s orgasm when they are in a hotel thousands of kilometers away. Best for: Partnered play

Best sex toys for anal stimulation

  • Erotic gloves An inexpensive and democratic sex toy, the erotic glove can be a great starter to explore the anal area. It’s a latex glove with different texture that can add to the experience of anal penetration, as well as making it clean and easy. Best for: Alone play, partnered play, penetration, anal stimulation, clitoral stimulation, penile stimulation

  • Finger vibrators Finger vibrators are fun, easy to use, go well with all sexual orientations and can also protect you when engaging in fingering. When it comes to anal play, they work just like the gloves – but with the added “oomph” of the vibration literally at your fingertips. Best for: Alone play, partnered play, penetration, anal stimulation, clitoral stimulation

  • Anal plugs Coming in a variety of sizes and materials, anal plugs are a classic that never gets old. Not only they are great for those getting started in anal play, but they can also be used during sex or masturbation and even when just going about your daily life. Starting anal plus kits are great to start exploring the anal region. Best for: Alone play, partnered play, penetration, anal stimulation, clitoral stimulation, prostate stimulation

How to care for and find sex toys?

How to clean your sex toys

This is something important to keep in mind while shopping for sex toys – the easier to clean the longer they will last. So, it’s worth the investment. Make sure to look for materials such as latex which are easy to maintain and water-proof toys – guaranteed to make cleaning faster!

Always follow manufacturer’s instructions to give the toys a long life, and make sure to clean them immediately after sex to ensure safe and healthy use. When having sex with multiple people using toys, consider covering them with condoms so they can be tossed when the toy is used on the next person.

And very important! In toys with batteries do make sure to remove them after use to prevent a disastrous battery-melt which can damage your precious toy.

Where to find sex toys

Nowadays, shopping online for sex toys is a very convenient affair, especially as most stores have discreet packaging and billing. One good tip is to always look at users’ reviews to select the best options.

Now, if you do have an opportunity to take a stroll until your local sex shop, talking to the shop clerk might a great way to find the best products to your specific needs.

The world of adult toys is fun, colorful, and full of possibilities. They can enhance your sex life and are scientifically proven to bring more overall satisfaction. So, what are you waiting for? Get to playing! And if you have interesting sex toy stories you want to tell us, make sure to leave a comment on the very bottom of this page!

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