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How is an Aquarius sexually?

Keywords: Rebellious, experimental, open-minded

Is Aquarius sexually open? Aquariuses are the rebels of the Zodiac, and they don’t like anything too traditional. As all air signs, they are strongly guided by their intellectuality; they are fiercely independent thinkers with idealistic hearts.

When it comes to sex, Aquariuses are unforgettable lovers - here are all the aspects that make sex with an Aquarius so special.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign as a human Drawing by Kinky Karrot

What to expect from Aquarius sexually?

Aquariuses are NOT ones to be bashful when it comes to their sexuality. They are natural-born revolutionaires, and believe sex is something to be celebrated - and some might even be militants in the quest for sexual freedom. Their non-conforming nature makes them especially prone to be quite adventurous in bed; a lot of aquarius consider themselves “tryssexuals” - will try anything once.

Gender fluidity, polyamory, body positivity - Aquariuses are always on the forefront of the discussions, and these themes were probably in their vocabulary long before they hit the mainstream. They expect their partners to be just as open-minded and HATE to feel constricted or judged for their unconventional preferences!

If you have an Aquarius sexually invested in you, expect lots of originality. No place is out of limits, no fantasy is too crazy. They are going to make you experiment with sexuality in ways you never thought possible - and you might even discover new sides of yourself.

On the flipside, Aquariuses can be quite emotionally detached and treat you with indifference once the flame is gone. They are prone to boredom and can be judgemental if people display more conventional tastes in sex.

And how does Aquarius flirt? Well, expect a lot of intellectual banter and deep conversations about provocative themes. Like other air signs, first you’ll need to stimulate an Aquarius mind to get to stimulate their bodies. Creativity and originality in dates will get you many points!

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Aquarius sexual compatibility - What signs are the best lovers for Aquarius?

Aquarius & Leo

Aquarius and Leo are naturally drawn to each other, because they are complementary opposites in Zodiac. Some will say Leos are even Aquarius' best match sexually! This means they are a fiery combination, with lots of passion and chemistry in sex. Both strive to blow their partner’s away in bed.

Aquarius & Gemini

Aquarius and Gemini are both air signs, which means lots of mental stimulation. This pairing will push each other to try new things. No comfort zone is able to resist the will of such open-minded and strong-willed lovers.

Aquarius & Scorpio

Scorpio and Aquarius in bed? These signs can be quite different in their demeanors and the way they approach life. While Aquarius is cool and observant, Scorpios are visceral and possessive. However, these differences can make for explosively good sex! This pairing combines the boldness of the Aquarius with the Passion of the Scorpio - for unforgettable nights and days.

Aquarius & Sagittarius

Aquariuses and Sagittariuses are both idealistic, adventurous, and free-spirited. Sagittarius natives have a very special way to get Aquarius to stop taking themselves too seriously and just have a lot of fun. Their sexual dynamic is very playful, relaxed, and specially founded on mutual admiration.

What are the best Kinks to try with an Aquarius?

Aquarius sign horoscope zodiac drawing


The act of pegging - a woman anally penetrating a man - is quite provocative because it subverts gender norms. And of course, this is right up the rebellious Aquarius’ alley! Here at KinkyKarrot you can find a complete guide to start with pegging with your favourite Aquarius native.

Tentacle Fetish

Something completely unusual and a little otherworldly? Yes, please! Tentacle sex is a huge niche and fits right with Aquarius’ daring personality. You can start with simply tentacle themed dildos, and maybe evolve to some tentacle Hentai?


The use of electroshocks in sex is praised by a lot in the kinky community, and it has everything to do with Aquarius sexually due to the futuristic and daring appeal it has. While this is a fetish you should experiment with carefully - if done safely it can be a mind-blowing experience.

What are the best sex toys to give an Aquarius?

1: Remote Control Vibrators

A little bit of technology goes a long way for the naturally avant-garde Aquarius, so it’s only natural they should be experimenting with the latest innovations in pleasure. Remotically controlled vibrators allow for stimulation to be guided via app - even if lovers are continents apart. Aquarius will certainly love to see the future working for pleasure.

Our recommendations

Remote Couple Vibrator

Remote Couple Vibrator

The Phanxy couple vibrator with 9 powerful vibrations is used by many as an enriching Couple Toy. But it also works for female solo play.

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Remote Suction Vibrator

Remote Suction Vibrator

This beautifully designed remote sex toy is wonderful for people with vaginas but also for hetero sexual couples. Tracy's Dog clitoral suction vibrator for clitoral and G-spot stimulation has 10 suction and vibration patterns.

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2: Tentacle Dildos

Looks different? Aquarius loves it! Fantasy dildos shaped like tentacles are the funky unconventional toys the Aquarius in your life didn’t know they needed.

Our recommendations

Pink Glass Tentacle Dildo

​Glass Tentacle Dildo

We love glass dildos! Especially if they are pink and shaped like a tentacle. This beautiful piece is made of hand blown glass and its shape and the dots on the surface are made for perfect vaginal pleasure.

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Silicone Tentacle Dildo

Wide Colorful Tentacle Dildo

This Thick Tentacle Silicone Dildo measures 8.7 Inch and is perfect for some fun octopus monster role play. It has a strong suction cup and can be used for vaginal and anal play.

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3: VR Porn Subscription

In the same spirit, what is more cutting-edge than virtual reality technology applied to smut? A deep dive into VR sex can be an amazing stimulant for an Aquarius native.


Aquarius Drawing Zodiac Signs as humans Zodiac drawing by Kinky Karrot

Have YOU ever had sex with an Aquarius?

Kinky Karrot’s Blog writer, Pimenta Cítrica has and wrote a story to prove it. You can read it AND hear the full audio by Pimenta herself in her Patreon Page.

Here’s a little snippet:

“It was February. The night was warm with that thick summer sultriness, the streets colourful with confetti and costumes, filled with people dancing, drinking, refusing to stop the party, trying to extend Carnival as much as possible after Ash Wednesday.

I was starting to think that had been a terrible idea, how the hell was I supposed to find him in that ocean of people, but then I looked up and saw him on the other side of the street. Beer in his hand, his blasé ensemble contrasting with everything around him. I tried to not stare too hard, as we dawned beer after beer. His eyes captured everything that happened, little focus was left for me. It seemed he was always looking at something far in the distance, telling me about his adventures, exuding such self-confidence it was borderline arrogance, his heart-shaped lips blowing smoke rings in the air.

He was filled with enthusiasm once he started talking about his plans of picking up his backpack and leaving with no destiny once again, and I felt my mouth drying up, hypnotised by his presence, by the dimples which appeared when he gave me that fuckboy smile, or when he started laughing at his own acid jokes.”

And don’t forget to come back next month for more spicy content on Zodiac signs - and let us know in the comments how was your experience with Aquarius sexually!

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