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The ultimate Guide to Oral Sex: Safety, Benefits, and Tips for your best Head Game

Lips are made for more than just talking… Freud called it a fixation, the church deemed it as sin, pop culture is obsessed with it. Whatever you stance, you can’t deny oral sex is populating the dreams and fantasies of nearly everybody.

Oral sex through times

And, yes, it has always been like that. Oral sex has been a part of the way we interact with each other since remote times. One of the most famous myths of ancient Egypt, the myth of Osiris, cited his sister Isis blowing life into his cut up body again through his penis. Cientists found naughty deciptions of oral sex painted on the walls of thermal baths in Pompeii.

Such allegories also appeared in ancient American civilizations such as the Moche people, and also many times in the Kamasutra. When Medieval times came, Christian moral deemed any kind of sex which was not for procriation sinful. But this didn’t mean people did not engage in fellatio and cunniligus - even if they believed they would suffer eternity in hell for it.

Nowadays, oral sex is still taboo, but slowly but surely more people are realizing that a fulfilling sex life is essential for happiness - and that can include lots of tongue action!

So, how are your oral sex skills nowadays? Check our exclusive tips below to take your head game to the next level!

Oral sex tips

How to perform oral sex on a penis

Despite what you might have learned in mainstream porn, you don’t need to have an inhumane deepthroating ability to be good at blowjobs. Lips and tongue alone can do wonders!

  • Give the shaft a good tongue-lashing Whether or not a lot of saliva is a turn-on varies from person to person, but the feeling of a wet mouth gliding over a penis seems to be unanimous. Don’t be afraid to use your tongue around the shaft and the glans.

  • Use your hands! Hands can be a great help with blowjobs - don’t just leave them lying there. You can cup the balls, masturbate the penis in time with the sucking and even explore the perineum and anal region if your lover is into that.

  • Create suction Hollowing your cheeks can be a powerful tool into creating mind blowing suction - and even that “pop” sound a lot of people are very into.

  • And if you’d like to go deeper… We have some pro tips for you: Make sure to breathe slowly and steadily through your nose as you gently take more of the shaft into your mouth. And weirdly enough, pressing your thumb against the palm of your hand while you’re at it helps with the gag reflex!

  • Bonus tip: If you feel like you’ve pretty much mastered the basics of blowjobs and want to take your ability to the next level, there is a position which can be quite hot. Simply lie down on your back with your head hanging slightly off the mattress and have your boo stand above you while you suck them off. This position allows for deep oral sex and leaves your body pretty acessible for touching. Just make sure you talk to your partner beforehand to go slowly so you don’t hurt your precious vocal cords.

How to perform oral sex on a vulva

There are guides and guides all over the Internet teaching people how to properly eat a pussy, but still it seems like it’s hard to get it out. We definitely recommend you reading the article on the anatomy of clitoris as it’ll give you inshgt and understanding of the vulva anatomny you probably never learned at sex-ed class and will make a lot of difference for your cunnilingus skills!

  • The whole vulva is your playground You should always start slowly and make sure your partner is turned on before getting to the tongue action. And remember; you don’t have to go straight for the prize. The whole vulva is rich in innervations and you have a lot of ground to cover; especially around the inner labia and the surroundings of the clitoris’ glans.

  • U-Turn If you have the genetic ability of making a “u” with your tongue, it’s worth knowing there is a pretty fun technique which consists of sliding the tongue curved in U over the glans of the clitoris, which causes it to be completely engulfed by warmth and wetness. Just be careful to avoid tongue cramps - which yes, are a thing!

  • Free entrance! The very entrance of the vaginal canal is an incredibly sensitive spot. There is no need for deep penetration - instead, focus on exploring the corners of the entrance.

  • Suck away! A lot of credit is given to licking in mainstream porn - and while it can be amazing, the sucking of the clitoral glans is sadly underrated. The sensation is sworn by many clit-owners, and you should definitely incorporate it more into your cunniliguns routine. Just be gentle - no need to vacuum anything out!

Disney Style Girls licking seductively on candy

How to perform oral sex on anus - aka rimming

Annalingus is increasginly popular, and we can’t think of reasons why it shouldn’t be. It’s a very democratic practice, and delightful for all genders and sexual orientations. The perineum is also a particularly sensitive area, you should definitely give it some love.

As always, a little teasing around the area goes a long way. Don’t forget the buttocks, back of the upper thighs and tailbone are some of the most underexplored and sensitive parts of the human body!

Oral sex risks: How to use the right protection?

Possible risks of oral sex

As a disclaimer, you should awlays keep in mind that sex is never going to be 100% risk-free. And this also applies to oral sex; there are risks of ISTs transmission just like in penetrative sex. However, there are precautions one can take to mitigate those risks!

Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, HPV (human papillomavirus, HIV and trichomoniasis can all be transmitted through oral sex. However, for some of them, like herpes, you’ll likely only be infected if you are at a low-immunity period already. For both Herpes and HPV, being in contact with the virus doesn’t mean much, since most of the sexually active adults carry the viruses - but not all of them develop symtptons.

Risk is always going to be much higher if there are visible warts or wounds, unusual discharge or blood involved. This means micro-tearings inside the mouth and/or lips and genitalia. While you shouldn’t be paranoid about all of these risks at all times, you should definitely consider safer oral sex practices, especial with casual and/or new partners.

Safer oral sex; condoms, finger protections, and dental dams

Okay, so how can you make oral sex safer? Condoms are a great way to keep fellatio safe. And if you are sceptical of the taste of latex, there is a multitude of flavoured rubbers to help you with that. However, when it comes to cunnilingus/annalingus using a condom is less practical.

Sure, you can cut a condom to use as a barrier, but it’s not the best solution. However, dental damns and finger protections are inexpensive tools to protect soft tissues which can make oral sex a lot safer. It’s time we normalise them!

In conclusion; get to oral!

Oral sex can be fun, pleasurable, and a great way to explore your bodies and deepen intimacy. As always, the key is good communication as each person has their own preferences and tastes. And with these tips, you should be even more prepared to put your mouth to good use. So get to it and have fun exploring!!

Do you have some fun or inspiring stories about oral sex to share? Then do so in the comment section on the very bottom of this page!


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