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Getting creative with sexual Role Play: A Playground for Adults

What is sexual role play?

You’ll be the nurse, I’ll be the patient. Incorporating different roles into sex is common practice, and sometimes we do it naturally without even realizing. However, there are a million possibilities to explore and entertain our fantasies with roleplaying.

In this article, we will dive into the benefits of role playing, the safest way to do it, and give you a lot of sexy and playful scenarios for you to try your hand at.

Role playing and kink

Police Man Role Play gay couple drawn by Kinky Karrot

Kinky role playing is certainly one of the most common scenarios to pop into people’s minds, especially if you think about dominant/submissive play. However, tapping into this territory is not for everyone, but there are tons of other possibilities. After all, any sex already has elements of role playing - we kind of step into a different reality and act differently from everyday life.

So it also works as a spectrum - you can incorporate as much as you want to also ease into it.

Benefits of sexual role play

Novelty and adventure

Trying something new is a big part of what makes sex so exciting. Role playing makes it possible not only to try different scenarios, but also feel like you are having sex with another person - which can be especially exciting for couples in longer relationships.

Trying new kinks within a safe environment

Sometimes the main thing holding us back from trying a new sexual fantasy is fear. Sexual role playing can be an amazing aid if that is your case. After all, it provides a safety net for experimenting with new kinks in a more ludic context.

Discovering new sides of oneself

We always say; the more you know yourself, the better chances of enjoying a more fulfilling sex life. So naturally, having the chance of stepping into different shoes and playing out varied scenarios can make you discover new kinks, fantasies and preferences which will lead to a better sex life.

A chance to live out fantasies

And of course, sexual role play can be the perfect way to finally live out that fantasy you’ve always had. From having sex with your stern teacher to having an adulterous one-night stand, anything is possible.

Tips on how to get started on sexual role play

Remember boundaries and safewords

Yes, once again we are insisting communication is key. You might sense a theme here, but it’s the truth. Lay out your expectations clearly is always the best way to have a successful foray in to sexual role playing. To make things easier, focus on communicating what you expect to feel in the experience; “by playing an innocent virgin I would like to feel like a hot pursue and very desired” - “if you are very dominant: “I want to feel humiliated and slutty, that’s the turn on” - this is the best way to guide your partner towards your needs.

Do always talk beforehand to have the clear do’s and don'ts - and here the “do’s” are just as important as the no-goes. If by playing a naughty student you wish you would be put over a bent knee and spanked, say it out loud. This is your chance to make your fantasy come true.

As always, make sure you have your safe words agreed and prepare an aftercare ritual for after the play.

Go slow

Remember - it’s a marathon, not a sprint. If this is your first time, at first things might feel a bit awkward. So choose something easy at first and amp up the play with time. You can start by sexting as an adulterous lover before moving on to the real deal, for example. Also, remember sexual roleplaying doesn’t necessarily have to be about incorporating it into the sexual act start to finish - but it can be added in parts.

Keep going if you feel silly

Trust us; it’ll get easier with time. Even if it does feel a bit weird at first, the longer you play, the easier it gets.

Some sexy and fun ideas for sexual role playing with product recommendations:


Hot for teacher? This classic scenario can bring out a lot of your dormant teenage fantasies. You can be a naughty student tormenting the teacher with skimpy clothing, or a dominant teacher ready to punish your pupil… The classroom possibilities are endless.


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Doctor (or nurse)/Patient

The core of this scenario is to play and explore one’s vulnerability. So lean into the helplessness and let the doctor or nurse guide you to healing!


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Sex with a stranger/Adultery

A great way for monogamous couples to explore with adultery without actually being unfaithful. Plus, it can be an amazing way to reignite the flame and remember why you fell in love with them in the first place.


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Gender play

Since the Greek myth of Tiresias, who was able to change genders twice in his life, we have been fascinated by experimenting sex in a different body. Sexual roleplay can allow you to do this - and there are plenty of tools to help with it, from outfits to sex toys.


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Age play (Dd/Lg)

We have a full on article about the caregiver/little dynamic if you’d like to dive deeper into this. But whatever the age gap you have in mind, playing with different levels of maturity can be an exciting idea for many folks.


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Whether a one-night hire, a regular client, or A Pretty Woman love story, sex work is a fascinating theme for many of us. And incorporating it into rexual roleplay - as escort or escortee can be tons of fun.

Pilot and Flight Attendant

It's a cliché but a fun one! Why not be a pilot and flight attendant and live out the passionate excitement in the imaginary cockpit?


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Rape role play

A very common fantasy - more than you’d think! While there are many theories about whether people fantasize about rape, don’t feel weird if you do. Instead, rest assured you can live out this fantasy in the safe environment provided by sexual roleplay. Just make sure to talk things through in detail beforehand so it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


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Pet play

One of you is the owner and the other is the pet. Especially popular are kitten play and puppy play. The well-behaved pet will be rewarded and one who doesn't listen will be punished.


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Of course, these are just suggestions. The list of possibilities is literally endless and there are so many things you can try and customise according to your personality, needs, and wants.

Have you ever tried sexual role playing? How was it? Tell us all about it in the comment section on the very bottom of this page!

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