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Spilling the secrets of Aries sexuality

Keywords: Fiery, risk taker, initiator

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac - what this means in practical terms is that Aries is a starter. They are the types of people to cut a beeline to get shit done - they are NOT ones to sit around and wait. Naturally, these characteristics make for great doms, as they are prone to take initiative and are innate leaders.

Aries natives can get impatient quite easily and have zero tolerance for inaction. And this is also true in bed.

Aries sexuality: Cutting right to the chase

When thinking about zodiac signs as sexualities, one important thing to take into consideration is the sign’s element. In Aries’ case, they are fire natives - and this is the kind of energy you can expect in bed. Sexually, Arieses are natural daredevils, they are prone to experimenting and don’t shy away from risks.

If you’d like to know which Zodiac signs are Doms or subs, let us remind you that it varies from person to person. However, as a general rule of thumb Arieses are bossy and demanding - and this combined with their natural inclination for leadership can make Aries natural doms.

However, Aries can also be a great sub if they find a worthy opponent.

Sex with Aries is never boring, always super energy charged, and passionate. On the flipside of this, Arieses can be selfish lovers and can also lose their interest quite easily.

Basically, what an Aries expects of a “sex horoscope” everyday is lots of action, and someone that can match their level of enthusiasm.

How do you know if an Aries is into you?

When it comes to Aries sexuality, don’t expect any fluff. In flirting, be sure they will let you know if they are into you. They don’t have a lot of patience for mind games, and are highly unlikely to play hard to get.

But they do love some angry banter. For Aries, teasing can be a form of endearment.

Aries sexual compatibility

Aries tends to be more compatible in bed with Air or fellow Fire signs, but sometimes they can have surprising chemistry with Earth signs. But the combination of Aries with more emotional water signs tends to not work well - for instance, if you’re wondering if you can consider aries and cancer sexuality compatible the answer is probably not for most cases!

Aries & Libra

Aries and Libra have very different energies - Aries is confrontational, Libra is diplomatic. Aries is an initiator, Libra tends to be indecisive. However, they are a fiery combination in bed.

This is because they are complementary opposites - meaning they find what they lack in each other. There is a LOT of chemistry in this pairing and they can also learn a ton from their time together.

Aries & Taurus

Are Aries and Taurus sexually compatible? It might be counterintuitive to think so, but the answer is yes. While they have very different outlooks on life, their strong-willed personalities make for a lot of sexual tension.

Aries & Gemini

Air and fire make tall flames together. This is definitely true for the Aries/Gemini pairing. They are both extremely prone to experimenting, and their sex will probably be everything but conventional.

Aries & Leo

These two fire natives have a lot in common - and this makes for an explosive combination in bed. They might feel like they have finally met their match, and will have fun competing for dominance.

What are the best kinks to try out with Aries?

Impact play

Arieses are guarded by Mars, which is the planet of war. This is why they usually do so well with some degree of violence in sex. Kinky impact play is just what Aries needs to be kept on their toes. When talking about Aries sexuality, a good challenge can be the pinnacle of pleasure.

Double penetration

Something extreme that tests limits? Oh, that’s right what Aries likes. Just make sure to take all necessary steps to be safe while doing it!

Pet play

Aries is so much on the forefront of action all the time that a little break from being in control can be a breath of fresh air. Engaging in pet play can be a fun and playful way to relax from all this need to control.

What are the best sex toys to try out with Aries?

It’s worth remembering the sexual traits of the zodiacs also are impacted by the rest of one’s birth chart. However, if you have your eyes set on an Aries native, the toys below have great chances of being a success regardless of what the rest of their map looks like!

Leather whip

Aries and leather are a match made in heaven - especially when it’s in the form of a whip. A “weapon” that allows Aries to channel all the aggressive energy into spicy kinky playtime.

However, we here at Kinky Karrot love animals and their welfare is very important to us. That's why we recommend to you three great vegan version of a leather whip:


Except for Scorpio, Aries is the sign most prone to enjoy a little pain. A pinwheel might be scary for some, but for Zodiac’s natural daredevils it looks extremely exciting.

Hitachi Wand

Delicateness is not Aries’ forte, so it wouldn’t be different with a vibrator. A Hitachi wand has just the right dose of potency to match the needs of an Aries.


What do you know about Aries sexuality? How well do you think they fit in with our description? Kinky Karrot’s blog writer, Pimenta Cítrica, once had an affair with a very feisty Aries, and pleasing her was no easy task. She wrote all about those memories and created an audio erotic story you can hear exclusively at her Patreon!

Take a look at a little excerpt:

I loved her kiss. It was so energetically charged, it felt like an injection of adrenaline straight to the jugular. I slid my lips to her left ear, nibbling and whispering; “Come to bed with me. You don’t want to ruin the paintings, right?”

We made out for a little more. She scraped the skin of my back, pulled my hair, making little impatient noises. Usually I was the eager one when it came to sex, but she beat me big time.

One of my hands started to caress a nibble over the fragile fabric and she bit down on my lips, hard. We broke the kiss and she was scowling at me, as if she was mad I turned her on. I laughed.

“Turn around.” she opened her mouth to complain and I said, “I want to give you a massage!”

She gave me one last suspicious look and complied. I helped her get the top off, admiring the freckles down her back. Massaged her shoulders and slid my hands slowly down her spine. My fingers sunk into the dimples at her lower back and I planted little kisses on the sides of her body until I reached her waist.

Then, I lowered her panties. I bit down on her thigh just to play around and resumed the kissing. She fumbled around on the bed, complaining against the pillow. I tortured her a little more, as much as I could, until I felt she was about to kick me.

Then, I made her turn around again, spread her legs gently and got closer to her groin, breathing down heavily.


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