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  • Julia Burghardt

Time to love your breasts the way they deserve

Are you happy with your breasts? Whether stretch marks, moles, freckles, large or small - every woman should love her breasts just the way they are. They are a part of our body and not something we should be at war with. In this article we tell you why many women find this so difficult, what influence the media has on our attitude towards our own breasts and how we can build a better relationship with them.

Woman removing bra and showing bare breasts

Unloved breast?

According to a recent study, almost every third woman worldwide is dissatisfied with her breasts. A total of almost 18,500 women from 40 countries were surveyed. According to the survey, many of the participants would like to have larger breasts - in Germany it is even more than half.

But what is the reason for this? On the one hand, our breasts are considered an absolute symbol of femininity, beauty and fertility. A woman who radiates sex appeal has beautifully shaped breasts - at least that is what many women and men assume. At the same time, the media also draw the picture of the so-called perfect breast: accordingly, the women shown here have breasts that are not "too big", not "too small" and not "too saggy".

The study also goes on to say that this development is fatal. It has been proven that women who are dissatisfied with their breasts palpate themselves less often - which can have serious health consequences, such as undetected tumours or other tissue changes. They should also have less sex because they do not feel well enough in their bodies. Last but not least, all this leads to more and more cosmetic surgery: Last year alone, the number of breast operations increased by nine percent throughout Germany.

By the way, men also suffer from beauty ideals around their breasts. Even if they can move around easier with a nude upper body without causing a stir, advertising and media also suggest an image of the "perfect" male breast: a firm, upright and not too pronounced one.

How perfect should a breast be?

Just one look at the different countries shows how different opinions are about the perfect breast and that it cannot really exist.

It is true that numerous formulas and calculations are supposed to show which distance between the nipples, angle of inclination of the breast or even which colour is ideal. But let's be honest: it could hardly be more superficial and discriminatory. Apart from that, every country and every culture has its own ideal of beauty. If a breast is considered beautiful in the West, it is far from being so in Africa.

There, for example, is a very free approach to the female breast. It is shown in all its forms without any social outcry. In these parts of the world, sexuality is almost denied to the female breast and it serves rather as what it is: a part of the body - not more sensational than others. Beautiful, isn't it?

In Arabic countries the breast, on the other hand, is rather veiled, as it is said to have a very high sexual effect. In some cases, the breasts are not only covered by flowing clothing, but even tied off.

And in the western world? Here the breast is first of all one thing: a sex symbol. In the media, wearers are usually very slim and young women. We know that this does not correspond to reality, but unfortunately we are only slowly moving away from the image of the perfect breast towards the realistic, multifaceted, beautiful breast.

The beauty lies in the diversity

So we should quickly abandon the idea of an ideal breast. Your breast is as unique as you are and that is what makes it so wonderful. And yet we categorize breasts into different shapes. What sense does that make? Well, actually, the only purpose is to help you find the right bra for you. Because, as we have all experienced, this is a science unto itself. If you know your breast shape, with the right advice you can find exactly the bra that gives you security in everyday life.

Experts distinguish between:

• Drop-shaped breasts

• Asymmetrical breasts

• Outward facing breasts

• Elongated breasts

• Bell-shaped breasts

• Small, muscular breasts

• Round, full breasts

Did you know, by the way, that almost every woman has different sized breasts Usually the side of the heart is slightly larger than the other breast. With all the thoughts about the appearance of our breasts we should never forget one thing: What great things they can do. It has been proven that a touch of the breast calms or sexually stimulates us and apart from that it is the first source of food for our children. Sucking breast milk creates a deep bond between mother and child. In addition, the milk provides the newborn with all the important nutrients. And it really does not depend on the shape of your breasts.

The handling of the breast

So it's clear why we should love our breasts. But why does society put such a crimp in our self-love calculation? The problem: The media usually only show women with average "perfect" breasts. If brands decide to deviate slightly from the so-called social norm, the campaigns are declared directly with the buzzword body positivity. This way women quickly get the message "Even if your breasts are not as we expect them to be, you are a lovable person". At the same time, showing all breast and body shapes should no longer be given a separate label.

Breasts have a particularly hard time in the social networks. Especially giant Facebook and its subsidiary company Instagram banish women's nipples from their feeds. The reason: they would excite users too much sexually and could be played off to users who are not yet ready for such images. But when are you ready to see a normal breast..?

Another crux that causes a lot of furore is hidden in the guidelines of the platforms. According to the regulations, male nipples are allowed to be shown. Many users and feminists rightly ask themselves what the difference between the two breasts is. It can't be the curvature, since it is allowed to show pixeled nipples.

So it remains arbitrary and little equal in the social networks. The consequence of this is a tabooing which does not make it easier to deal with the female breast.

Breasts at sex

Not only in everyday life you should give your breasts love, also during sex they can give you real high flights. But beware: not every woman finds the inclusion of breasts during sex pleasant. The best thing is to try it out for yourself. For example, when masturbating, play lightly with your nipples - then you will quickly notice what you like and what you don't like. You can then share these experiences with your partner all the more easily.

Many couples involve their breasts during sex by "clamping" the man's penis between the breasts and penetrating it through movement. In most cases, however, only the man feels full pleasure. If you want to get your money's worth and you enjoy it when your partner plays with your breasts during sex, you can try to induce a breast orgasm. This can be done either by massaging only the breasts or one breast in combination with the clitoris. You will get especially close to the breast orgasm when your partner plays lightly and gently with your nipples. If you are very sensitive, lubricant or spit can make the touching more pleasant. Listen carefully to your body - with very sensitive nipples, every movement can have a great effect.

Build a relationship with your breasts

You do not have the perfect connection to your breasts yet and would like to change that? Then you can start now. Even if it is unusual at the beginning, you should first of all be more conscious about your breasts. A breast massage in a relaxed atmosphere can be a start. It is best to use warm oil and massage your breasts gently. This way you can feel exactly how they feel and how they react to touch.

Also try out a very conscious breathing into the breast. This will calm you down and strengthen the connection to your body. In addition, even more oxygen enters the body through chest breathing than through abdominal breathing.

The right and beautiful bra, which celebrates your breasts under your everyday clothes or in bed with your partner, also strengthens your connection. Because high-quality or well-fitting underwear makes you aware of how valuable your body is and that you should appreciate it every day. Try it out and you will immediately notice how your inner attitude also shows on the outside.

Last but not least: don't compare yourself with other women and their breasts. You are absolutely individual. You live a different life, you have different genes - so why should your breasts, of all things, be exactly like those of other women?


What's your relationship to your breasts? How did you learn to love your breasts? Which tips and tricks around the handling of your breasts have we perhaps forgotten? Write us in the comment section on the very bottom of this page!

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