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Help yourself! Why masturbation is important for everyone

Masturbation is freedom, relaxation and self-determination. What masturbation can do, which techniques there are and why you should do it regularly, you will learn in the following.

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What is masturbation?

In technical terminology, masturbation is also known as autosexuality, which means nothing more than being sexually active on your own. The sexual organs are stimulated by manual stimuli - i.e. by hand, fingers or toys. Even as babies we touch our genitals because it gives us a pleasant feeling, and often we start masturbation as soon as we reach puberty. The first attempts are usually accompanied by an embarrassing feeling of shame. The reason for this? If we are informed, it is usually only about sex, rarely about masturbation. Masturbation not only helps us to discover our sexuality, but also later. We find out what stimulates us, how our sexual desire works. In short: we get to know ourselves and our body better. Do women masturbate?

There is still a frequent misconception among the general public that only men regularly masturbate. To release the pressure - they say. But don't women have the same pressure? Aren't they just as sexual and want satisfaction, even if there is no man to provide it? Of course!And, of course, women satisfy themselves. Whether they are in a relationship or not is irrelevant for most of them. According to a survey by Women's Health, 98 percent of the nearly 1,300 women surveyed have already satisfied themselves at least once. The fortunately increasingly open approach to their own sexuality and the very successful sex online shops that are sprouting up like beautifully decorated flowers show that the topic has long since ceased to be a marginal issue.

Masturbation is self-love

According to the study, women who satisfy themselves come twice as often as with a partner. And maybe you know this from yourself, too. But it's not your partner's fault because he can't find the right buttons. Rather, you simply know better what works for you and when. Through regular masturbation, you gradually get to know yourself better and better. In the best case, you'll get to know yourself so well that you'll orgasm more often in bed with your partner, because you'll be able to express your desires more precisely.

"Being aware of your sexuality and self is synonymous with self-determination," Lou Paget stated in her book "The Perfect Lover" in the 90s. How right she is! Because when you explore yourself, you not only have a lot of fun, but you also get to know yourself with all your desires and limits. This gives you self-confidence.

Why masturbation can do so much more

For some time now, there has been the NoFap trend, where people completely abstain from masturbation. This is supposed to cleanse the mind and body. Yet masturbation can do just that and much more. First of all, we get to know our bodies much better and become more sexually self-determined. According to a study by Northwestern University, women who masturbate with a vibrator also reach orgasm faster - permanently. In addition, we sleep better after a climax and our mood rises. Masturbation is even said to help against some symptoms of depression.

We don't always satisfy ourselves because we are just melting from unbridled lust. Sometimes we just want to relax after a long day at work or finally get rid of that annoying headache. No problem, because pain and cramps are also relieved. In addition, regular tension trains the pelvic floor and gets estrogen levels up to speed, which in turn strengthens the immune system. Last but not least, masturbation is simply natural and should therefore be practiced without shame.

It depends on the environment

What if we want to relax but are not really in the mood? This can happen because women - and definitely men as well - can't always just rub off on it and then something happens. You should get completely involved in the situation and take time for yourself. To get in the mood, it can help to switch from the couch to bed, for example. If you're not a fan of porn or just don't feel like watching porn, you can also get in the mood with audio books, novels or similar. Music can also help you relax. You should also make sure that nothing interrupts you - an incoming call from mum would probably be inappropriate. The important thing is not to force anything, but to just listen and feel inside yourself. If it doesn't work out, that's fine.

How does woman do it right? The best ways to masturbate

You are still new to masturbation or you are very good with a technique, but would like to try something different? No problem, because there are different ways that will bring you to success. In general, you can distinguish between vaginal and clitoral orgasm, i.e. internal or external penetration. Which one you prefer depends entirely on you. However, there is no harm in trying out different techniques. On the one hand, this can bring undreamt-of highlights. On the other hand, you can avoid that your body is poled to one method and only reaches its climax in this way. If you satisfy yourself, you do not have to limit yourself exclusively to the primary sexual organs. To get in the mood, you can also caress yourself, massage your breasts, drive along your body - do whatever you like and get yourself in the mood.

Masturbation for women: 3 popular methods

"Classic" by hand or finger

Most women prefer this variant because it is particularly intuitive. It also doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, which makes it nice and independent. The only thing you need is some time and a clear head to relax. How exactly you use your hands or fingers is up to you. Many women swear by the clitoral method, in which the fingers only surround the clitoris. But you can also climax vaginally or anally with your fingers.

With lubricant

It is a fallacy that women always get wet when they are aroused. Sometimes even stress can impede the obvious pleasure. Tampons also damage the sensitive mucous membrane, which can make everything feel a little drier. For this reason, and because it usually just makes you feel good, a lubricant is a popular aid for masturbation. It also enhances sensations - the best starting point.

With a sex toy

The market for sex toys is now huge and we are faced with countless melodious possibilities, just like in paradise. Many women prefer masturbation by toy, which can have very different reasons. The vaginal orgasm can feel better, but also lay-on vibrators that stimulate the clitoris can work wonders. Many women also love to use the fingers in combination with a toy.







In addition to these particularly widespread methods, some women also masturbate during sex films, audio books or in the shower with the shower head - there are no limits to their fantasy. Even if you sit, stand, lie on your back or stomach: there is no right or wrong. Masturbation is meant to do one thing above all else: satisfy you. How this is achieved is entirely up to you.

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FAQ masturbation

Have you ever satisfied yourself, you know how wonderful and liberating this experience can be. And yet there are many myths surrounding the subject. These are the most common questions and their answers:

  • Can masturbation be harmful? The clear answer is NO. Like mentioned before, masturbation is actually good for women's health. People who are less likely to be sexually aroused can even change this by masturbating regularly. Two studies from 2009 have proven that women and men increase their desire through regular masturbation. However, men can sometimes become less sensitive through the technique of masturbation. If they regularly touch their penis too firmly, this can reduce the sensation during sex. Caution is therefore advised.

  • Can masturbation be addictive? Yes, some people can sometimes have problems with so-called chronic masturbation. If everyday life is restricted by the desire for masturbation and these people feel satisfaction only through this and not through sex, an addiction can develop. Here it is like any other addiction that has a negative influence on life: those affected should seek support through talk therapy. Because this addiction can also be curbed if it is recognized.

  • Is masturbation impure? The fact that many people consider masturbation to be impure has mainly to do with the spread of faith. In the late Middle Ages masturbation was considered a sin and a crime against God, which could even be punished by cutting off limbs. Especially from the 17th century onwards it was then considered the cause of many diseases such as smallpox, tuberculosis or severe pimples. In the western world this view came to an end with the flattening of church power. But even today masturbation is still considered impure in many countries and denominations - in South American French Guiana, for example, the premise that masturbation makes one mentally ill is still valid.

  • Can masturbation cause pregnancy? No, of course you can't get pregnant from it. We remember that masturbation falls under auto-sexuality, so it's only practised alone. But of course your partner can also satisfy you without intruding on you. Here, caution is required when he stimulates your clitoris with his penis or penetrates briefly. If he is also aroused and you are unprotected, the risk of pregnancy will increase.

What experiences have you already made? Do you find it difficult to satisfy yourself or do you have any tips that might work best for you? Share your experiences with us. We look forward to hearing from you in the comment section on the very bottom of this page!