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A place for sexual education for adults & teens through fun & sexy cartoons by Berlin artist Marie Sann.


Sexuality is a fundamental part of us (human) beings. When we know more about healthy sexuality and have good access to our own personal needs and desires, our lives are much better and happier. 

We, here at Kinky Karrot, are fed up with the fact that this so important and exciting topic is hushed up or even completely tabooed in so many ways. Especially female sexuality is is still far too little researched and what has been discovered so far is is not communicated enough.

With Kinky Karrot we are about to change that. We want to explore the various pieces of this fascinating puzzle called sex, and we want to inspire you to put those pieces together to create something that fits your unique personality.



While we talk about the unfortunately still so taboo topic of "sexuality", it is important for us to do so in a welcoming and cheerful tone. It is important to us that those interested quickly feel welcome and comfortable within Kinky Karrot, even though we touch on topics where some may find it difficult to follow their curiosity at first.

With our cute and cheeky cartoon drawings, the viewer can quickly identify and feels invited to go on a journey of discovery together with the characters. We think sex is fun and that's how sex education should also feel.

We developed a brand character that communicates our important message - in a fun and approachable way.