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Sexuality is such an important part of us as (human) beings. We, here at Kinky Karrot, are fed up with the fact that this so important and exciting topic is hushed up or even completely tabooed on so many channels.

We want to explore the various pieces of this fascinating puzzle called sex, and we want to inspire you to put those pieces together to create something that fits your personality.

Lizzy Femdom Cartoon Character by Kinky Karrot


Kinky Karrot is your slightly more sexually experienced girl friend. Someone who is on the same page with you, but knows just a tiny bit more. Someone who is courageous enough to be open about what they like, and brave enough to learn about things they don't know. Someone you feel safe with. She is cool, authentic and fearless. The one who always inspires you to discover something new about yourself, and to never stop experimenting.

We have developed a brand character that embodies just that: Lizzy. She enlightens you in a cheeky entertaining way about all things sex, but also has a lot to discover herself, which she always lets you in on.

A comic book based on her story is currently in development and will be published at the end of 2023.



Through our unique graphics and humorous lightness we educate about sexuality and kinks in a way that it is easy to approach and understand. We break the taboo around the so important topic of sexual self-discovery and help people to really understand their sexual needs.


We think humour can be incredibly sexy - so a cheeky wink runs through all our creations. Our brand character Lizzy takes you with her on never ending exciting journeys of discovery and you will feel like sharing time with a good friend while learning about all things sex.


As a supporter of Kinky Karrot you are part of a non-judgmental sex-positive community. With us you can feel safe and understood.
We create our content with a focus on the needs of women and female pleasure, but of course men are also very much welcome.


Kinky Karrot offers a fresh look at the subject of sexuality from a female perspective. In our opinion, there are still far too few female-made projects that deal with sex and (female) desire. Yet women are such immensely sexual beings. We are doing our part to change that.


Marie Sann

Marie Sann

CEO, Founder & Artist

Pimenta Citrica

Pimenta Cítrica

Blog Writer

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Yann Krehl

Yann Krehl

Script Developement

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Marie San


Photo of Kinky Karrot Artist Marie Sann

Marie Sann is a passionate artist based in Berlin. She was interested in the topic of sexuality at an early age, but when she wanted to learn more about it, she quickly encountered the problem of not finding any content that really spoke to her. Sex education in school was uninspired and insufficient. Pornography in the internet quickly scared her off by the male perspective and the misogynistic depictions. In general she had the feeling that sex seems to be everywhere, and yet nobody really speaks about it - especially not about female sexuality. So many years later she decided to build her own brand that educates, inspires and entertains around the topic of healthy sexuality and female empowerment. And here we are with Kinky Karrot.


Interviews with Marie

Sorry, most of them are in German only

"Paula kommt"

"Tabuthema Sexualität"

by Biird

Introducing Kinky Karrot

"Ben's Couch"


"Kinky Stuff"

by Joy Club

Introducing Kinky Karrot

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