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Everything you need to know about being a Caregiver / Little

What is a caregiver/little dynamic?

The dictionary defines “caregiver” as a person who provides direct care. And while a lot of this meaning comes from caring for children, elderly, or sick, there’s a whole other side of it: The kinky definition of caregiver.

Which is basically the same idea: Providing care - in a kinky context - which may or may not include sex (more on that later). The whole concept of caregiver/little dynamics is consensual play between two adults, who choose to engage in roles of caregiver and care receiver. Sounds a bit too abstract? Don’t worry, we will dissect it bit by bit.

Terminology - from DDLG to Caregiver/Little

Initially, the common terminology for caregiver/little dynamics was DDLG - which means Daddy Dom Little Girl. As the name pretty much says, this kink is focused on a Dominant part - usually a male, playing the role of Daddy and a Submissive (usually female) as the “little girl.”

However, as you can probably already gather, this term is not inclusive enough for all the fun possibilities this kind of play encompasses. Firstly, because caregiver/little dynamics are not exclusively heterosexual, neither have only male doms or female subs. In addition, caregivers are not always slipping into the role of daddies or mommies.

So, caregiver/little are more accurate terms; neutral, compassionate, and inclusive


Age play, D/s, and the intersection of both

D/s and age play are not the only possible dynamics within the caregiver/little dynamic. However, they are key concepts of it, so before we can dive deeper into caregiver and little roles and personalities, let’s take a look at them first.

  • Age play Diapers, sippy cups, pacifiers, toys, and coloring books. Sounds sexy? Age play is a kink which borrows the luddism of the childish universe. In this practice, there is the figure of a baby girl or boy (the age of which may vary a lot) - a consenting adult who chooses to play the role of a child - complete with language, outfits, and behavior. Children need a lot of attention and special care, and that comes from the figure of a caregiver in age play - someone playing the role of a mommy, daddy, older sibling, or just an adult. This person is in charge of taking care, feeding, nurturing and disciplining the child. While the whole children/adult dynamic can be controversial it must be understood that age play is not about enabling pedophilia. It’s about allowing adults to tap into their own traumas and needs. Basically, it’s about expressing desires that pertain to the child/adult dynamic: Giving away responsibility, caring and being cared for, teaching and comforting a “younger” partner.

  • D/s Dominant/submissive play is one of the poster children for kink, and one of the most common images to come to mind whenever BDSM comes up. The universe of dominance and submission is quite vast, there are a lot of different roles and possibilities, but if we think about the core concept, it’s very simple. One part exerts dominance and the other submits in a sexual dynamic that has been previously consented. When it comes to mixing age play and D/s, it helps to think of an intersection: The roles of daddies and mommies, doms and dommes, can be juxtaposed or intertwined; but they can also work on their own. So now that we have understood this part, let’s delve deep into the roles of caregiver and little.

Being a caregiver

A caregiver personality is quite self-explanatory. Basically, caregivers are willing to provide care - and also provide structure and control in the dynamic. They can be more nurturing, disciplining, or a mix of both.

  • Daddy, mommy & others Daddies are a key figure that comes to mind when we think about age play - and even a figure that is evoked in “vanilla” play too. But very little is talked about what it means to be a daddy inside a caregiver dynamic. Daddies are protective, territorial, and strong. These qualities are brought to the play in the sense of exerting a type of dominance that is also assuring, and provides direction. At the same time, Mommies are also protective, and are caring in providing discipline and love. Daddies and mommies are more common, but caregivers can also take other roles - some who have nothing to do with age play or familiar language.

  • Caregiver’s duties The main role of a caregiver is basically, to provide safety and discipline to their little. This can come in many forms. Some non-sexual plays can include bathing and dressing up littles, as non-sexual punishment can be ordering a little to stand in a corner or spanking. Like we have said before, being a caregiver does not always equal being a dom. So not always the play is going to be sexual. Or… Maybe it’s not going to be sexual 100% of the time. Being a caregiver is not necessarily about having a dominant personality either, but about being comforting and providing care. Again, being a dom and a caregiver can intertwine, or exist separately.

Being a little

Littles are often viewed as simply submissive, but that doesn’t encompass everything they can be. In the caregiver/little dynamics, they are searching for guidance, comfort, and reassurance. Some littles can be bratty and/or whiny, therefore seeking more discipline.

Littles do not necessarily include age play into their dynamics - but if they do, there is a range of different possibilities and roles to play. A little that wants to play as a pre-teen will act much differently from an adult baby, for example. This will also have an impact on the kind of outfits worn and activities done.

Littles are often very proud of their own role in the dynamic, and the Internet hosts a large community of them willing to exchange experiences. This is sadly not always viewed as a good thing, as we will dive into now.

Misconceptions about that kink

The “trend” of littles

Caregiver/little dynamics have seen a surge in popularity in the last year, and social media has exploded with devotees of the practice - especially littles. For some, this is a social media fad that does not represent the “real” kinky community, and can attract young girls to kinky relationships before they are ready for one. In our opinion, it’s always a good thing to have a bigger community and normalize kink out there! And it’s valid to remember kink should always be well informed, and performed between two consensual adults!

The controversy of DDLG

As with fetish in general, there is a lot of controversy surrounding age play and D/s dynamics, especially when it comes to DDLG. One common misconception is that littles are into it because they have daddy issues. Another one is that DDLG facilitates emotional abuse as littles allows caregivers to have power over them.

In a healthy DDLG dynamic, this is not the case. After all, there are a lot of mechanisms designed to make sure both parties are safe and enjoying it.

Why is the caregiver/little dynamic so popular?

Playing with discipline, and shifting in power can deepen bonds between couples, and create trust. And it’s also proven that tapping into kinky dynamics can improve people’s general happiness, help them deal with rejection, be more likely to try new things outside of the bedroom and well, have more fun!

The truth is the personality types of little and caregivers are very common among us; kink allows people to tap into that in a safe and understanding environment - which can also be beneficial for victims of abuse.

How to start playing?

If you are fantasizing about becoming a little or a caregiver but don’t know where to start, we would advise you to do your research first. Read about it, soak up other people’s experience, watch videos portraying caregiver/little dynamics, and understand what part of it attracts you the most - if anything at all. Do you want to incorporate age play? If so, how?

Then, make sure to talk openly with your partner about your expectations and boundaries going into it. The more open and honest, the better the play is bound to be!

Some fun activities to begin

Establishing some light punishments can be a fun way to dip your toes in. Another tip is to incorporate some nice costumes to make things more realistic. Just changing the way you call your partner to daddy/mommy/boss/madam - or something else, can have a huge impact and change the way you have sex!

If you are shy at first, starting to play via text can also help with breaking the ice. The most important thing is to remember that caregiver/little play is completely customizable - it doesn’t have any restrictions when it comes to gender or roles. You can create the fantasy of your dreams and live it out. And that’s what kinky is all about!

What has been your experience with this? Have you tried it out? Do you want to? We would love to hear your stories to get inspired! Share them with us in the comment section on the very bottom of this page!


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