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Dildos for men - The best male dildos for you

Have you ever used a male dildo? Men using sex toys is sadly still a little bit a taboo topic, especially when it comes to anal stimulators. There is a notion that dildos and vibrators are to be used either by women or gay men - but anal pleasure is actually for everyone.

Even more when we consider that the prostate is one of the highest sources of pleasure for penis-owners. This means anal penetration can truly rock your world and change your sex life.

Some things to consider before using a male dildo

If you’re looking to know how to use a dildo for men but have no experience, we would advise you to start small so you can get familiar with the sensations and understand how your body works.

And always remember: lube is your best friend! Using a male dildo is going to be much better if you’re well lubricated. There’s no such thing as “too much lube.”

Also never forget that anal dildos should ALWAYS have a base. This is a safety measure to ensure you don’t hurt yourself or end up at ER having to tell strangers you have a toy up your ass you can’t get out.

Lastly - be careful with analgesic substances. While some creams and lubes which numb the pain can make the experience of the penetration more pleasant, just make sure to be extra gentle if you’re using them. This is because if you can’t feel the pain you’re at risk of really injuring yourself and only realising after the fact.

Bearing all of that in mind, let’s have the fun begin! Regardless if you’re gay, straight, or anything in between: Here are our best picks in dildos for men.

Small dildos for men

For beginners, a soft jelly dildo with a suction cup base is the best way to get started. The texture is soft and it is perfect for a gentle prostate stimulation. It’s also the best option if you haven’t yet mastered the art of anal penetration.

Our recommendation

Fun Factory's Amor

is a semi-realistic dildo with a silky surface. It's relatively small measurements (5.3 inches long and 1.4 inch diameter) make it a great item for anal beginners. It can even be attached to a harness.

Prostate massagers

Speaking of the prostate… If you wanna get down straight to business, the market is full of dildos made especially to stimulate it. The secret is in the shape - the best ones are curved to press directly against the glans and truly make you see stars.

Our recommendation

Lelo´s Hugo

We recommend Lelo’s Hugo, which combines powerful vibration with a sleek design for a high-quality product that will make sex that much spicier - partnered or in alone time.

Strap-on dildos for men

When it comes to strap-ons, the harness is just as important as the dildo. This is because how secure everything is in place is going to make all the difference in the experience. This is why we recommend you find something that fits well!

Oh, and if you’re looking to try pegging for the first time, we have a complete guide to help you with every single step.

Our recommendations

Joji - Realistic Strapon Dildo

This is a neat adjustable strap on by Honey Playbox. The tough and soft dildo is made of body-safe silicone and length in 3 inches, the ergonomically designed arc with the simulated glans shape can effectively stimulate the Prostata.

Brazen - Silicone Dildo With Harness

This neat Strap-on set includes a fully adjustable heavy duty harness and a thick dildo for a satisfying and luxurious experience for both giver and receiver.

Butt plugs for men

Butt plugs are incredibly versatile, and they can be used in an array of different settings. Depending on your preference you can opt for something softer and smaller, up to glass dildos, funky ones that come with tails and supersized butt plugs designed specially for anal fisting training.

They are also very discreet toys, and can be secretly used in day-to-day activities, which would of course make your next trip to the groceries store that much more fun. The most important thing to look after is a base so the operation is risk-free (especially with the smaller toys).

Our recommendations

Beginner's Butt Plug Trio

These are perfectly petite for the anal-curious. They fit snugly between your cheeks for long-term wear during a kinky night out or to spice up your usual intimate routine, solo or with a partner.

Different sizes Butt Plug Set

These have a perfect ergonomic shape for P-spot stimulation and come with a practical finger loop as a stopper. They are also perfectly suitable for stretching and training.

Vibrating dildos for men

Vibration might not be for everyone, but some people swear by it. For some, vibrating stimulation directly on the prostate is an added experience that really makes anal play so much more enjoyable.

Our recommendations

Lelo's LOKI Wave 1

is perfectly shaped to offer both external and internal stimulation from its double motors and is the first prostate vibrator to offer a finger-like massage motion inside you.

Lelo's LOKI Wave 2

is even more powerful with 12 pleasure settings, ideal for daring solo or couple play. It also uses the wave motion to provide a deep and spectacular finger-like massage while simultaneously using the smaller tip to stimulate the perineum.

Glass dildos for men

Glass dildos are a completely different sensorial experience by itself. The different ridges and patterns can be incredibly enticing, and the cold hard touch of glass is something that really brings the anal play experience to the next level for some.

If you’re looking to experiment with glass dildos for men, know that this is an area you should definitely consider splurging on, to ensure you have high-quality safety glass which will keep the experience as secure as possible.

Our recommendation

Param Glass Dildo

is as beautiful as it is functional, with a tapered tip followed by two graceful swells along the shaft. A flared base makes it great for solo play. Amplify your sex play by serving Param warm or chilled.

Realistic dildos for men

If you’re looking for something extra special, the most luxurious experience in dildos for men is definitely a realistic toy. They are dildos emulating a real penis - in texture, feel, weight. Some of them even come with an ejaculation option.

Our recommendation

Squirting Realistic Dildo

This realistic penis cums and squirts on command. One squeeze and you will feel the fun of squirting from a real penis. It also has realistic and moving testicles and a suction cup base. Comes with a sperm-like recipe.

There are realistic dildos that can be modelled after your loved one’s parts, so you never have to miss them when they are away. Of course, the price tag usually matches the upscale experience.

Would you add anything to the list? What are your personal favorite dildo for men? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to check our other sex toy guides for even more fun!


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