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Male Lingerie: What makes it so sexy?

Twenty-seventh of October is boxershorts day; a date to celebrate how sexy people can look while wearing boxershorts. And while we’re absolutely into a good pair of boxers, we decided to twist things a notch and talk about some other kind of underwear for men; male lingerie.

After all, undergarments were not always gendered.

Throughout most of history, the function of underwear was to protect and keep private parts clean. Camisoles were used by both men and women under tunics. Towards the end of the Middle Ages, garments began to have more importance to show social status and gender roles.

It was around then that underwear began to be specific for one gender or another, with lingerie branching to a whole new market that designed clothes specifically to accentuate certain parts of the female body, such as corsets and petticoats.

hot guy with lace lingerie and pearl necklace

The invention of new fabrics also made tight-fitting lingerie possible– something that was not feasible before. And since then, lingerie has become more and more of a staple in our culture – in special, female’s wardrobe.

However, it’s always been used by men as well. In crossdressing, the act of men wearing lingerie is a performative and provocative act of self-expression. Most recently, the Internet has seen a surge of memes of boyfriends and husbands who love to wear their partners’ panties in secret, revealing the idea of men in lingerie is more common than one might think.

The most popular types of male lingerie

Stockings, garter belts, corsets; all of these seem to have a permanent spot in our minds when thinking about lingerie. But when it comes to men wearing it, there are some other possibilities which are also quite popular.

  • Lace everything Lace is an absolute classic when it comes to lingerie, and it seems to be a champion for both men and women who fantasize about male lingerie. Not only does it make for a very sexy look, but it also provokes a very specific feel when rubbing against skin that can be quite the turn-on.

Our recommendation:

male lingerie lace hot pants for man

male lingerie lace panty for men with suspenders and bow


  • Jockstraps Buns out, and very little room for the imagination. Jockstraps are a favorite, especially within the gay community, and it’s not hard to figure out why. They make sure all important assets stand out while being very playful at the same time.

Our recommendation:

male lingerie jockstrap with chains


  • Thongs Thongs are the ultimate tonight I am having sex kind of underwear. They have the power of making one feel like there’s a naughty secret between their legs even in the middle of a meeting or while commuting to work. When it comes to men, there are even thongs especially designed to fit everything inside – but some men do swear by slipping into their girlfriend’s panties, which is also a sexual fantasy in itself!

Our recommendation:

male lingerie black thongs

Where to buy lingerie for men?

1) How to find your size?

When it comes to lingerie, size unfortunately matters. Having the correct size ensures a comfortable wear for both men and women. Sadly, finding the right fit is not always easy.

The lingerie sizing for women is confusing and not standardized – so imagine how it is for men! If you’re considering shopping online, the safest option might be the good old metric tape to get all the measures correctly.

If you have the option of ordering a few different sizes and returning the ones which don’t fit afterwards, that might also be a solution to finding the perfect fit for you. Just keep in mind this solution is not environment-friendly at all, so you might want to keep it as a last resort.

Online shopping is obviously a great and practical solution to discrete male lingerie buying – as well as showing a bunch of different options for first timers. If you don’t want anybody to know that you’re into wearing lingerie this is your call.

However, if you do have the opportunity to shop for male lingerie in person, we strongly advise you do. Some stores are already prepared to receive clients looking for lingerie for men – especially the ones that are also sex shops. A good store clerk can be very helpful in this sense and looking in the mirror while choosing a piece can make all the difference!

2) Lingerie designed for males vs. men in women’s lingerie

man dressing up in female lingerie drawing by Kinky Karrot

When it comes to male lingerie, the market is expanding, and more options are made available every day for loyal fans; fun, sexy pieces designed specially to fit the male body. This is exciting and refreshing, as it reinforces that lingerie is not a gendered thing, but a fun way of self-expression for anyone. Not to mention, it makes it easier for men to find their right size.

But there is still something subversive in men slipping into attire that was designed for women – the drive of challenging gender roles in our society, which can be a big part of the fantasy for many people.

Ultimately, the choice is going to depend on what your own goals are with the pieces you’re looking forward to wearing.

3) What do women think about men in lingerie?

We have seen that more and more men are coming out of the closet with their own desires of being draped in silk and lace. But for straight and bisexual men, there might be the concern of how this is going to be viewed by their partners or potential partners.

You’d then be surprised to know women are very much on board with the idea.

Which is not surprising if we think about the genesis of lingerie itself; something sensual that can even work as a code for lust and sex. Furthermore, many women love the idea of reverting the gender roles. It can spice things up in bed, as well as facilitate many role-plays, and practices like pegging and femdom.

So, we’d say it’s time to stop wearing panties just in the secret of your room and start strutting your stuff proudly!

Embrace your love for sexy lingerie!

Gift yourself an exclusive drawing displaying you in your dream lingerie custom made by Kinky Karrot artist Marie Sann:

What is your experience with male lingerie? Have you ever fantasized about it? What are some of your favorite materials and shapes? Tell us all about it in the comment section on the very bottom of this page!


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