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Pisces sexuality 101

Keywords: Generous, tender, intimate

This Pisces season, what would you like to know about Pisces sexuality? Pisces are one of the most charismatic and wise signs in the whole zodiac. Their sense of empathy is unparalleled, which makes them finely in tune with the needs of others. And this, of course, makes Pisces an amazing lover.

However, there is a lot more to expect from the Pisces sex life than just emotional tender lovemaking. Pisces is actually one of the most kinky zodiac signs; their sensorial nature makes them prone to experimenting and engaging in many different things.

In this article, we’ll have a complete guide to Pisces sexuality, including what zodiac sign is compatible with pisces.

Pisces sexuality: What to expect?

Like fellow water signs, Pisces is extremely intuitive. They form deep emotional connections with their friends, family, and lovers - and are prone to look for a higher sense of purpose in everything they do. They are also very in tune with the needs of lovers and are usually the ones to be there for who they love.

In bed, this translates to a deeply sensorial sexuality. They like to dive deep into things and that makes for hours of sensual, intense lovemaking which will leave you breathless! Because they are so aware of other’s emotions, they are extremely generous in bed and will do everything to make sure you have the best time possible. They are the types that won't stop until you have had the orgasm of your life!

The fact that Pisces is highly sensitive means they usually need deep emotional connection to enjoy sex. However, Pisces also have a very kinky side. They commit fully to everything they do - and will dive deep into anything they decide to experiment with.

On the flipside, this generosity can turn Pisces into people pleasers who are way too invested in the needs of others and neglect their own. This is why, when it comes to Pisces sexuality, being a little more selfish can actually be great for Pisces natives. And informed kink - which is something that confronts people with their own boundaries, is a great tool to do that.

How does Pisces flirt?

If you have your eyes set on a Pisces, just know they might leave you a little confused as they are not the most direct sign of the Zodiac. Instead, if a Pisces is interested in you, you can expect long conversations and extra consistent attention.

However, don’t mistake this for Pisces being innocent - while you flirt, they are probably already creating a whole fantasy in their minds - with lots and lots of steamy details!

Pisces sexual compatibility - what signs are the best lovers for Pisces?

Pisces is a unicorn in the zodiac as they usually get along with everybody. But when it comes to sexually compatible signs, this are some of the combinations that make for extra spicy sex:

Pisces & Virgo

Both are extremely attentive - and their investment in each other takes sex to the next level. Pisces and Virgo are detail-oriented. This laser focus grants pleasure in ways other signs would probably not have the patience to explore.

Pisces & Taurus

Taurus is a hedonistic sign - extremely focused on leisure, pleasure, and sensation. This is why the Pisces and Taurus combination works in bed - they are both willing to go the extra mile and excited to bask in different sensations.

Pisces & Scorpio

Scorpio and Pisces is a fiery combination because these two signs go deep into everything they do. This deepness in something they share which other signs would probably not understand it so well, so it connects them. Plus, with Scorpio’s nature being incredibly sexual, this makes for amazing kinky sex.

Pisces & Libra

Libra has a very generous and pleasing nature, which is nice for Pisces to be the one spoiled for once. Libra is also very fun and sweet, which makes for not only great sex, but amazing potential for partnership outside the bedroom.

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What are the best kinks to try out with Pisces?

Sensation play

Pisces feels everything deeply - so to make them feel things is the best way to guarantee they have a good time in bed. Playing with ice cubes, feathers, and even pinwheels is a great way to please these sensitive natives. But if you don’t want to get complicated - a deep sensual massage will also do.


Being watched while having sex is forbidden and exciting, but there is also opportunity for Pisces to take the centre stage and bask in attention in ways they are not used to. Voyeurism can be a great way to take Pisces sexuality to the next level.

Submission play

There is a stereotype that Pisces natives make great bottoms - and it is a stereotype for a reason. Experimenting with submission can be a cathartic experience for Pisces, as it allows them to feel both taken care of and challenged. If you didn't read it yet check out our article about being a submissive to learn more about it.

What are the best sex toys for a Pisces native?

1: Tail butt plug

Pisces has a soft spot for anything novelty and fantasy-like, so a lush tail can be a fun accessory which will make them feel like an outworlder character from one of their elaborate fantasies.

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Aquarius Drawing Zodiac Signs as humans Zodiac drawing by Kinky Karrot

Did you know all of this about Pisces sexuality? And have YOU ever had sex with a Pisces?

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And don’t forget to come back next month for more spicy content on Zodiac signs - and let us know in the comments how was your experience with pisces sexually!

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